Volume 4, Issue 7
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Rationale for Compensation Differences
by Alissa Horvitz, Esq. and Joshua Roffman, Esq.

On Wednesday July 2, 2014, The Washington Post ran an article about the pay gap between men and women working in the White House. According to The Post, “[t]he average male White House employee currently earns about $88,600, while the average female White House employee earns about $78,400, according to White House data released Tuesday [July 1, 2014]. That is a gap of 13 percent.” Or, said differently, women earn $0.87, on average, for every dollar earned by men working at the White House.

The White House explained the pay gap (without doing any... more

Alissa Horvitz Alissa Horvitz, Esq. is co-chair of Littler’s OFCCP Practice Group. She provides advice and counsel to government... more

Alissa HorvitzJoshua Roffman, Esq. is an attorney in Littler Mendelson’s OFCCP practice group. His practice primarily focuses on... more

The Compliance Challenge of Evergreen Requisitions and Pipeline Recruiting
by Chris Lindholm

It is common knowledge that EEO compliance has developed into an extremely complex and sometimes controversial process. In just the last 14 years alone we have witnessed an endless stream of changes to the expectations of contractors including... more

Chris Lindholm Chris Lindholm has 15 years of experience in Affirmative Action Planning and EEO consulting, which includes OFCCP audit support, risk management, training, and software development. Since 1997, Chris... more

Dealing with the Chaos at OFCCP
by Bill Osterndorf

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs is a busy place. The agency has announced a multitude of priorities that affect federal contractors and subcontractors. Among these priorities are the following... more
Bill Osterndorf William A. Osterndorf is President and founder of HR Analytical Services and has been working with affirmative action/equal opportunity issues for the last 25 years in the public and... more

Religious Accommodation in the Workplace: Federal Contractors' Version of the Hobby Lobby Dilemma
by Sandra Zeigler, Esq.

On June 30, 2014, the United States Supreme Court rendered its decision in Sylvia Burwell, Secretary Of Health And Human Services, Et Al., Petitioners V. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., Et Al. Nos. 13-354... more

Sandra Zeigler Sandra Scott Zeigler, Esq. is a recognized authority on Federal EEO enforcement with 25 years of experience divided equally between the EEOC and OFCCP. She was only the third OFCCP Executive... more

The First Glimpse at New Regulation Enforcement
by Cindy Karrow, SPHR

It feels like we were just in the starting gate of compliance changes this year, and now the race is fully underway with compliance activities surrounding the revised regulations for Protected Veterans (PV) and Individuals with Disabilities (IWD). Let’s take a look at how the... more

Cindy Karrow, SPHR As a Senior HR Consultant at Berkshire Associates, with over 27 years experience in the industry, Cindy Karrow, SPHR, is recognized as a leading affirmative action compliance expert... more

OFCCP Compliance Webinar

The 32nd Industry Liaison Group (ILG) National Conference in Washington, D.C. is next month. Celebrate 50 years of Civil Rights at this premier event that brings Affirmative Action practitioners, the legal industry, government agencies, human resource professionals, and industry experts together to learn about the current hot topics in the regulatory agenda of OFCCP and EEOC, and the steps needed to meet the latest compliance requirements. Learn more here.

The Local JobNetwork™ will be in attendance, and we look forward to meeting you. Follow @theLJN and use #LJN_HR during the conference to interact with other attendees, share information, and ask questions. Five lucky attendees will each receive a $100 Target gift card, compliments of the Local JobNetwork™. To enter the drawing, drop your business card off at our booth; winners will be announced on Friday, August 15.

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